2017 – Grand Rapids Soap Company is proud to announce a new owner! Aziza Poggi. She is very excited to start her soap making journey and will stay true to what Grand Rapids Soap Company is all about and will keep my original recipes in her product line. She will also offer a line of soaps with swirls, colors and decorations.

Aziza is a very talented gal; she is a Niche Perfumer at Aziza World Fragrances, LLC and makes signature and custom perfumes. She also offers candles, aromatherapy massage oils, organic whipped shea body butters and roll on perfume.

Aside from making perfumes and other body products, she is a voice coach and teaches classical voice, pop and opera and sings in her Symphonic rock band Aria Flame based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
For more information about Aziza and her products please visit Aziza World Fragrances, LLC at:
Aria Flame (neo-classical hard rock)

I want to thank my friends, family and customers who have supported me through the years. I have enjoyed my journey and without you there would not be a Grand Rapids Soap Company!

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